Zelica Films showreel

9 minutes 

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Sheep in Fog trilogy

seeking distribution

Part 1 - Sylvia trailer

Part 2 - Laura trailer 

Part 3 - Ted trailer 




Dracula's Whorehouse

in production



Dance of the Fragrant Concubine

in post production






Northern Man - How to  make a Movie          


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Northern Man - Struggling Actor to Film Director

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Baudelaire's Women

97 mins.               

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The Princess and the Enchanted Forest

A five minute adult fairy tale

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Song of King Solomon

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The angels look down upon King Solomon with his many wives and concubines and realise one thing is lacking in his life - Love!   78 mins.  

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Where the cold winds blow

music by Kali and Katie

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Pearl of the East

A visual journey through Hong Kong.  84 mins.  


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Tarot Stories

22 short stories inspired by the main Tarot Cards       98 mins


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Emily's Kiss

Emily's life falls apart when she gets dumped by her married lover. A modern day version of the life of Emily Dickinson illustrated with her poetry.   With Elizabeth Knight.   87 mins.

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Body and Soul

A five minute film

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White Admiral

A dangerous erotic game begins for a private detective when he is called in to help a mystified beautiful woman found collapsed in the garden of a blind woman. With Eleanor James.  89 mins

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Blue Dreamweaver

A five minute film

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Paris Skylight

Relationships and friendships fall apart between a group of bohemian friends in Paris with the arrival of Shuko, a tourist visiting from Japan.   94 mins.

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Demons and Doors

Marion is in the cell of an asylum after murdering her lover's wife. She escapes by creating characters in her mind.    84 mins

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Claire-Louise's Little red Devil

A five minute film with over 32,000 hits on youtube 

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